International Workshop on Innovation and Inequality
The concept of inequality is difficult to capture as it is intrinsically linked to: political freedom, quality of life, personal characteristics. The concept of inequality is therefore multidimensional and interdisciplinary in nature, as it encompasses different domains. This brings into the picture elements such as education, employment, health. But more in general participation to civil society, which has also to do, not only with concepts such as employment, but, for instance, uncertainty and security of employment, of health, of education, of justice.
G(IN)2A, Inequality, Innovation,
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International Workshop on Innovation and Inequality

International Workshop on Innovation and Inequality

“The multi-dimensional nature of inequality – The impact of social, legal and economic innovations”


(University of Bologna, 21st and 22nd of June 2018)





Conference Program


Thursday 21th



Welcome to the participants


Patricia Faraldo-Cabana
A Certain Sense of Fairness: Why and How Fines Were Made Affordable


coffee break


Gilberto Antonelli, Giovanni Guidetti, Pinuccia Calia
Institutions, Models of Capitalism and Inequality in Income Distribution. An Empirical Investigation

Tommaso Ciarli, André Lorentz, Marco Valente, Maria Savona
Structural Changes and Growth Regimes


Javier Cigüela Sola
Social Injustice and Criminal Law

Klaudijo Klaser
The European Social Contract: A Normative Rawlsian Approach in Favour of the Fiscal Union




Luca Zamparini, Maurizia Pierri
The impact of Heavily Indebted Poor Countries and Multilateral Debt Relief Initiatives on the Reduction of Inequality in Some Developing Countries

Stella Zilian
Computerisation, Labour Demand and Inequality

Tommaso Ciarli, Alberto Marzucchi, Edger Salgado Chavez, Maria Savona
The Effect of R&D Growth on Employment and Self-Employment in Local Labour Markets



coffee break


Maximilian Goethner, Moritz Zoellner
Causes and Consequences of Income Inequality: The Role of Innovation

Riccardo Leoncini
Inequality and Innovation

Tommaso Ciarli, Alberto Marzucchi, Edger Salgado Chavez, Maria Savona
Firm Innovation and Wage Inequality

Friday 22nd


Rosa Mulé
The Political Economy of Violence and Terrorism. Why Less Income Inequality Matters


Paola Naddeo, Stefania Cardinaleschi, Chiara Gnesi
How Does Second-Level Bargaining Affect Wage Gaps by Age and Gender in The Italian Macro Geographical Area?

Federico Gonzalez Etchebeher
Preferences for Redistribution and Biased Perceptions in Uruguay: Evidence of Different Patterns Among Income Groups

Ana Suárez Álvarez, Ana Jesús López Menéndez
Inequality of Opportunity in Developing Countries: A Cross-Country Analysis Using LIS Data





Round Table among the Participants: What’s Next?